Vins de Patria


Less than ten years ago, Tony Biagi's dream came true. This dream began during an internship in 1992, when he witnessed the harvest of another winery. The idea of having his own winery never left his mind after that. Years later, he decided to go for it and in 2013 he opened his own winery: Patria Wines. He did this together with his business partner Kimberly Jones. Biagi and Jones have been friends for more than 15 years and they make a good duo together.

Patria Wines works together with several winegrowers and landowners, with whom they have built strong and confidential ties. In Tony’s own words: 'we are honoured to call them friends'. The Oakville vineyard is situated at a height of about 400 meters, in the eastern hills of Napa Valley. The volcanic rock soil combined with the location produces grapes that are rich in taste and colour and have a good acidity. The vineyard is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The A. Prince vineyard is located in the St. Helena appellation. The vineyard was once owned by Alan Prince, who first met Tony in 1993. At that time, Tony worked as an intern at Hess Collection Winery. This vineyard is small and relatively remote, so it is a unique piece of land and the yield of this vineyard is modest. These two are the most important vineyards for Patria Wines.

Three different cuvées are sold. These are Oakville Ranch, Avoyelles and A. Prince. The wines are packed with black fruits, such as blackcurrants, plums and cherries. The use of oak barrels gives extra body and aromas such as cedar and cloves. In addition, they also have a long storage potential; 20 years is no exception. As the yields are low, the wines’ availability is limited. This makes Partia wines scarce and even more sought after!

The high scores that Patria Wines has already received show that these wines are highly appreciated. The Avoyelles and A. Prince, both vintage 2018, were awarded 96 Parker points!

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