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“Guido Rivella Fausoni Barbaresco 2015”
“Cesare Bussolo Barolo del Comune di la Morra 2017”
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Two famous appellations in Piemonte, the Barolo and Barbaresco. Regions where the Nebbiolo grape reigns supreme.

Guido Rivella as the winemaker for Gaja for over 40 years has started his own winery in 2010 using family owned land and leasing 0.5 hectare of the Barbaresco’s Fausoni cru from the in-laws of his daughter Silvia Rivella. Creating a beautiful balanced Barbaresco.

Cesare Bussolo born in La Morra and finished the wine school in Alba. He started working for the Bovio estate and from 2007 he began working with Roberto Voerzio. . Where he was involved with the vineyards and the winemaking and became a valuable partner of Roberto Voerzio. In 2009 he purchased an old vineyard in La Morra called Santa Lucia to produce his own wines. Creating some beautiful Barolo and Barbera wines.

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