Mortlach 7 Years Old The Duchess PX Matured Cask 216A Quarter Cask 54.7% 2016

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Distillerie Mortlach
Embouteilleur The Duchess
Mise en bouteille pour Best of Wines
Date de distillation 14.11.2016
Date de mise en bouteille 15.11.2023
Pays Écosse
Région Speyside
Age 7
Cask Type Pedro Ximenez
Numéro de fût 216A
Alcohol percentage 54.7
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Avis professionnels

Malt Fascination (88)

Why is this one not available anywhere, you say? That is mostly because this is not out yet, much like last week’s BenRiach. It’s going to be out 9 February, but even then you’ll be hard pressed to find this one, since it’s going to be a ‘shop only’ release for Best of Wines.

So, a trip to Bussum seems in order, in a week or two. This Mortlach is a youngster, with a full maturation on a PX cask. That normally isn’t something that would peek my interest, but with this being a Duchess bottling, I tend to have expectations that are slightly higher than from another random bottler.

Mortlach tends to be a rather meaty dram. Or at least, it used to be that in the past. The last couple of year’s releases are a bit more middle of the road, with the occasional but rare throwback to the more original style. Let’s hope this one is such a one.

This is a BIG whisky. Lots of meaty notes with a bit of barbecue char, grilled banana and a heavy fruitiness like that. There’s quite some oak, and a sweet wine-like note.

The palate packs a little bit of a punch, but not as much as some 7 year old Mortlachs do. There’s some dusty, peppery heat, a lot of dry oak. There’s a note of barbecued beef again, with a rich sweet fruitiness as well. Thick sherry too, with that hint of wine in it.

The finish brings more notes of wine, a rather dessert-y note. Some oak, meat, banana, papaya.

A lot of rich fruit backed up with meat and oak, and some barbecue-y notes without smoke. This one does pack that meaty punch that I was hoping for, and because of the immensely rich distillate, the cask is kept in check. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is mine!

BOW (89) presents: Mortlach 7 Years Old The Duchess PX Matured Quarter Cask 216A 4.7% - Exclusive Shop Only Release!

Discover something extraordinary with our exclusive Shop Only release!

Every now and then, we take it a step further and introduce something special that is not available anywhere else, and this time is no different. We are delighted to present our latest acquisition: the sublime Mortlach 7 Years Old PX Matured Quarter Cask, exclusively available through the website and our store at De Bussumsche Wijnkoperij in Bussum.

About the Mortlach 7 Years Old The Duchess PX Matured Quarter Cask 216A 4.7%:

Mortlach, a distillery with a rich history and an enthusiastic fan base, is particularly known for its Sherry variant. At The Duchess headquarters, we have completed the quest to find the most exceptional cask of this, and tears of joy flowed when we first tasted this whisky. We are, therefore, very excited to share this unique release with you.

Tasting notes:
A seductive fruity nose of red fruit and sherry, like a delightful candy. After some air and rest in the glass, beautiful notes of yellow fruit, caramel, and even chocolate emerge.

The distinctive flavors of Mortlach are unmistakable: sherry tones, licorice, caramel, and even meaty ham, like the sweet Jamón Ibérico de Bellota from the Spanish Iberian Peninsula. After some rest in the glass, also some light chocolate notes. Despite the alcohol percentage of 54.7%, this whisky drinks deceptively smoothly.

A delightful licorice finish with abundant sweet wood, followed by a creamy aftertaste with subtle hints of fresh yogurt in the background.

Balance and Complexity:
This dram is flawless, with beautifully complex licorice notes - a true textbook Mortlach as it should be.

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