Vin du saison Summer 2022

Par Sarah Heller MW
Chateau Batailley 2015
Chateau Batailley épuisé Chateau Batailley Visiter le vin du saison

Sarah Heller MW is a wine expert, visual artist and Asia-Pacific’s youngest Master of Wine. In 2018, she began the Visual Tasting Note art series as an innovative way to describe the wine tasting experience. “As a Master of Wine and artist, I've always found a natural affinity between wine and visual art. Both can trigger sensations and emotions hard to communicate with words.”

Sarah’s visual tasting notes are digital collages in which both the body and structure (acids, tannins) of the wine as well as the aroma, color, and taste components come together harmoniously. The outline represents the "shape" of the wine. As we were intrigued by this unique and innovative perspective on describing wine, we have asked Sarah to taste and describe some of our wines.

The wine of this season is Château Batailley 2015 - "Mahogany and rosewood, dense dried plum and exotic spice; a fine lacing of acidity runs throughout though it ultimately succumbs to a sensuous, figgy middle. The tannins are unexpectedly sparse with only a hint of grit on the finish."

Every season, Sarah tastes one of our wines, which will also be our Wine of the Season, and create a visual tasting note for us.

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