Extra Brut Grand Cru les Carelles NV Selosse

4.8 étoiles - 1 avis professionnels
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Type Effervescent
Marque Selosse
Millésime NV
Pays France
Région Champagne
Raisin Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
Consommable -2025
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Avis professionnels

Selosse, 98 points and a superb price. What do we need to write more.....

Parker (98)

The NV Extra-Brut Grand Cru Les Carelles boasts extraordinary power, breadth and sheer richness. Layers of butter, pastry, tropical fruit, spices and smoke literally bursts from the glass as this exotic, heady Champagne struts its stuff. I imagine the Carelles might be too much for some readers, but for those seeking to get to the heart of the Selosse style; here it is. This is a dazzling showing

Selosse - Extra Brut Grand Cru les Carelles NV

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